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Our Club


Words by Dominic Sinnott | Photography by Daniel Riera | Film by Lennart Koch & Peter Bender


Rising to a height of 177m, the flat hilltop of Montjuïc offers a calming backdrop to the hustle of the city and harbour below. For runners, Barcelona offers everything from vibrant streets to an escape into the trails. The Catalonian city is also home to a one of our favourite photographers, Daniel Riera, who’s style captures a beauty of movement that is a perfect fit to Zen Running Club.


The ride from sea level to the the heights above the city can be taken on the historic cable car strung between the harbour and the top of the hill. Offering spectacular views as it first ascends above the yachts, with the promenade’s mix of historic grandeur and contemporary architecture below, before turning a greener shade as it swings over stepped parks that climb the slope.


Setting up base camp amongst the palms and cacti of the Botanical Gardens, we welcomed Lauren and Giacomo – both runners, who combine modelling careers with their other inspiring passions. Lauren as a sustainability entrepreneur and vegan advocate, Giacomo as an elite sailor, surfer, and student of environmental science.


Stretched and ready to run, the way down the hill offers the perfect testing ground for the ZR 01, which we unboxed for the fist time in all four of our launch colourways. Palm trees throw mottled shadows over the gravel paths that snake their way down from our start. The terrain under foot shifts to an intricate brick mosaic, then onto descending steps of varying sizes, before breaking out of the parkland and onto the smooth switchback roads that once hosted the Spanish Grand Prix. Now settled into a graceful flow, the harbour and expanse of blue sea sneaks ever closer into view. A stunning reminder of why we run.