Our responsible journey

Whilst we are at the beginning of our story, we realise that progress is a marathon and not a sprint. There are no short cuts or easy solutions, real progress will come from commitment and accountability to a long-term vision that keeps us all on the right path.

That’s where Made from good decisions™ drives us to explore the possibilities of new trails and unexplored relationships across industries and people that share our spirit and vision. This is an area where we are busy building innovative material and manufacturing partnerships, and together we are pushing towards the goal of fully plant based products - filling in the gaps to what is currently available with out of the box thinking and eco-rooted solutions.

Why this matters

A significant percentage of athletic footwear and apparel is made from oil based materials - a fossil fuel that's accelerating climate change - in fact the apparel and footwear industries currently account for nearly as much of the global greenhouse gas emissions as the whole of Europe combined.

What’s even crazier is that core materials and manufacturing methods haven't moved too far past where they were in the 1980's. Low cost and mass availability being a more common measure than the impact on the climate.

Whilst a small brand cannot change the world on it's own, we are hopeful that the steps forward we are making prove sustainable and plant based solutions deserve a seat at the table - and don't have to be an excuse.

Plant Powered Innovation

Our running shoes are primarily engineered to perform - they just happen to be made from plants. No compromises. Our aim is to be judged against the best running shoes out there.

  • Eucalyptus

    Our sock-fit upper, offering amazing fit and support, is engineered from fibres drawn from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees that are spun into a high performing thread called Lyocell. The growing process helps the environment as it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • Sugarcane

    The soft midsole that sits beneath your foot is EVA made from a mix that includes sugar cane. Yes, that same sugar we like in cakes and candy. It looks a little like bamboo, and is grown sustainably using natural methods and rain water, as it absorbs C02 to be carbon negative and help tackle climate change.

  • Castor Beans

    The sockliner inside the shoe cradles your foot on a foam made from castor beans. Close in size to a kidney bean, but with a distinctive dotted skin, they are grown sustainably, with the natural process absorbing C02 to be carbon negative and help tackle climate change.

  • Natural Rubber

    Giving sure footed confidence on the ground, our outsole is designed to last. Made from natural rubber that is FSC approved, responsibly grown in the warmth and rain of a tropical climate. As with all plant based materials, the growing process absorbs CO2 to be carbon negative and to help tackle climate change.