Hello Berlin

Hello Berlin


Words by Dominic Sinnott | Film & Photography by Michal Rzepecki | Music by Pieter Santens


“Through running I’ve learned a focus and determination to overcome obstacles and fatigue. It gives me a different perspective on challenges big and small, and with it the potential to manage and solve them.” London born Kenny Sang grew up in vibrant cities around the world, and currently calls Berlin home – a place never short of surprise or adventure. “As a photographer I always have to be in a state of creating and finding inspiration. I run with my phone, meaning I have a camera with me, so when I’m in a new place, if something catches my eye, I stop and take a picture along the way.”


For Silke Lapina, a visual artist and academic, what connects her to Zen Running Club is simple: “Inspiration, thoughts and ideas.” Having seen the project evolve from its earliest days, she adds, “I have a real personal connection to the brand. I love the team and their vision of producing sustainable sportswear.” And to the question of whether running and creativity are linked? “Hard work always pays off, and sometimes you have to push your limits to grow your talents. That spark of light often hits me in solitary activities, like listening to music, swimming, and of course, when running.”


Under Berlin’s late summer sun, on the smoothly paved banks of the river Spree, we meet with Silke and Kenny to share a first run in the ZR 01, to throw around some new ideas, and to drink a coffee or two.


As the shadows draw in, Kenny contemplates, with a smile, “Life is not a race, and neither is your afternoon run. Unless you’re training for a 10k or a marathon, don’t avoid stopping to take a picture. Your overall experience is better when you allow yourself that moment to explore…and, anyway, you’re likely to end up running further than if you just hustle from start to finish. Just saying.”